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Исполнитель: Common
Название песни: City To City
Альбом: Nobody's Smiling (2014)
Текст песни добавил: Nastenka
673 просмотров с 2014-08-03 08:41:36
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Common - City To City текст песни, lyrics

The city, it blow deep, I know them cold streets
Motif is no peace, can't trust the police 
My momma stay out east, hope that she good though 
She from Inglewood so she know the hood though
Corners we stood on, that's what I stand for
Justice for hustlers, I rap and I chant for
Cuzzo just got out, that thang on his ankle
He seein that corner from a new angle
Same ol' to same ol', some days are painful
They say be careful, grandma stay prayerful
My bros move birds with they eyes on the sparrow
You in the ghetto where we never settle

The breath of the city, no rest for the weary
No stress, it can't hear me, a fist full of fury
No dollars, no jewelry, a Chicago story
Place that could kill me is one that could cure me
Hard to ignore me cause we livin loud now
Fire inside me and thangs that go BLAOW BLOAW!
Label me wild child, my old man on trial now
Yeah I'm the future, but live for the now now
Make my momma proud now, we come from that dirt
I put in that work, until my back hurt, uh

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