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Исполнитель: Flyleaf
Название песни: Head Under Water
Альбом: Between The Stars (2014)
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Flyleaf - Head Under Water текст песни, lyrics

Head under water
Don't think I have a strength tonight
They push me any further
I will find the words to fight

Cause what they say about me
Cuts deeper than the sharpest knife
And in my head a replay
I'm looking at that red light

I'll drown in the water
If I listen to the sound
Of cruel laughter
I let the stones fall to the ground

They don't know a thing about me
And still the wolves are crying out

And I hear you say
"I'll take you away"

So will you stand for something
And give them back the ammunition
Or will you let them tell you who you are

My love is deeper than the stars
And you are bigger than my scars that you feel at night
When you are holding your pillow tight
And you are wishing someone who would call you home

It's you and I alone
It's you and I alone
You and I alone
It's you and I alone
You and I alone
Head underwater
Don't think I have the strength tonight

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