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Исполнитель: Thrice
Название песни: Music Box
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Thrice - Music Box текст песни, lyrics

We move for all mankind
A million miles from everything we've ever known
We're on their hearts and minds
A million heads are bowed to bring us safely home
Hemmed in by emptiness 
A million ways that everything could be undone
This hollow in my chest is filled with reasons
Not to sing but I found one, I know

We are not alone, we feel an unseen love
We are sons and heirs of grace, we are children of
A light that never dims, a love that never dies
Keep your chin up, child, and wipe the tears from your eyes

In sleep we saw ourselves
A million years we had been waiting there it seems
While someone weaves a spell
A million stars look on in witness to our dreams, I know


We feel an unseen love
We are children of light


I stand ready and tall, reflect the light

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