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Исполнитель: The Game
Название песни: Take That
Альбом: Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf (2014)
Текст песни добавил: Nastenka
711 просмотров с 2014-10-22 18:41:22
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The Game - Take That (feat. Tyga & Pharaoh Jackson) текст песни, lyrics

[Verse 1 - Tyga:]
Yeah, so what they want from a nigga?
Rose on fours, yeah, broad in this bitch ice skating big figures
My day one niggas, weak game bitches
Downing all this hate and you wonder why a nigga trippin'
Enemies distant, you washed up, dry dishes
Versace in my kitchen, my shit different
Hundred grand, bet it on it, caviar with the jet pilot
I land runway, they light it, world united
Gave her this dick, she gon' like it
Just don't bite it and politely
Say she need me like an ID, but I be outtie
Five thousand, gold Audi

[Verse 2 - Pharaoh Jackson:]
You are, you are, you are so special to me
I wanna come home to you, I wanna make love to you
But I gotta get this cheese
Girl, I know you like that
Tell me anything you want and I'mma get that for you
Got me thinking I'mma wife that
Your girls and my niggas know that I ride for you
Ooh, ooh, girl keep shaking them hips for me
Ooh, ooh, girl, keep biting them lips

[Hook - Pharoah Jackson:]
And I just don't wanna waste your time
Don't wanna waste my time
So let them niggas know that you're all mine
You're my wifey
He ain't appreciate so you knew I had to take that
Got a hundred bands on me, yeah
Shake that, girl, I wanna feel your body, yeah
Take that, got a hundred grand on me
Can't fake that, girl, I'm a real OG

[Bridge - Pharoah Jackson:]
Girl, what you want from me?
Oh oh, yeah, work it, get this money
Get this money
Girl, what you want from me?
Oh, I'm coming, be there in a hurry
Hurry, be there in a hurry

[Verse 3 - Pharoah Jackson:]
You can scream if you want to, dream if you want to
Take that Maserati, try the Beam if you want to
Get you a ring cause I want you, you're mine
It ain't nothing that I won't do for you
Leave all these other girls alone just for you
So every night I'm coming home just for you
Ain't nothing more you can prove to me
I love everything that you do to me
Ooh, ooh, girl keep shaking them hips for me
Ooh, ooh, girl, keep biting them lips


[Outro - Pharoah Jackson:]
Take that, shake that
Take that, can't fake that

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