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Исполнитель: Rae Sremmurd
Название песни: Unlock The Swag
Альбом: SremmLife (2015)
Текст песни добавил: Nastenka
1154 просмотров с 2015-01-09 12:45:46
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Rae Sremmurd - Unlock The Swag (feat. Jace Of Two-9) текст песни, lyrics

Unlock, the swag, the swag, unlock
Unlock, the swag, the swag, unlock
Unlock, the swag, the swag, unlock
Unlock, the swag, the swag, unlock
Unlock, the swag, the swag, unlock
Unlock, the swag, the swag, unlock
Unlock, the swag, unlock
Unlock, the swag, unlock

[Verse 1 - Slim Jimmy:]
I blow, I lie, I chill, I swag
How much, cash do, I make, a day?
Enough, to pray, enough for tax
6 bands I drop, Celine big bags
My pants they bustin'
My bitch she bluffin', keep lyin' for nothing
I win, I'm winnin', I walk in Fendi
My hand still spinnin', from last night women
Who got more guap? No flex, boy stop
Push off the lot with all you got
My leather is soft, my top, it's off
Can't speak, too boss, I drop, [?]


[Verse 2 - Jace:]
Swag on lock like a [?]
Twistin' fingers, gang signs, no pinkie
P.A.C, how a youngin' gon' kick it
Sauced up shawty, in here drippin'
Got your shawty in here strippin'
Off 'shrooms and molly and some weed I got from dealers
'Bout to have a party so you better pay attention
So much [?] on my body I'm like [?]
I said I'm in here high, the fuck you think?
I said it's purple, inside, of all, my drinks
I said, "Good God, the label, all my blunts, they stink like pee
Man I wouldn't want to be wanted, London like a Beatle
Countin' Euros with my people, rollin' up, blowin' diesel
Been switchin' up my cash, my niggas
Been had paper, my bag, my nigga
Been had loud blunts on blast, my nigga
You know what's up, don't ask, my nigga
I am perfect at pickin' a piece, workin' and rippin' a beat
Crew worth a milli at least, money when dealin' with me
Your girl is leavin' with me, it's honestly easy to see
Swag unlocked and you know that I give her the key


[Verse 3 - Swae Lee:]
I curve your doobie, then blaze my own
Let's get it, some Givenchy, droppin' racks, I'm clumsy
I'm drenched in money, she hate me, she love me
I'm rich, I'm young, I splurge for fun
Care less about your... campaign
Enjoy myself, employ myself
Woke up, last night, was all, a blur
4 Seasons, 3 words, do not disturb


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