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Исполнитель: Adore Delano
Название песни: I Look Fuckin Cool
Текст песни добавил: Dima
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Adore Delano - I Look Fuckin Cool (feat. Alaska Thunderfuck) текст песни, lyrics

[Adore Delano:]
 I’m walking in like Blondie
 A human ball of laundry
 No shower, just my perfume
 My tights are grey, no costume
 Don’t need to brush my hair out
 Birds need a nest to hang out
 Heels are a step from breaking
 I’m so amazing
 One leather glove, one satin
 But I’m still good at snatching
 Thrifting I found my glory
 Cause I like wearing stories
 Had you from the beginning
 I’m playing dumb and winning
 My nails are broken busted
 But I’m still fucking dusted

 I’m polish remover
 I’m ratchet couture
 I’m a goddamn mermaid
 I don’t need to try
 I don’t even care who gives a shit
 Cause I look fucking cool

 Cause I look fucking cool

 I’m standing 7’ 7” with my hair up to Heaven
 Dirt poor but spirit wealthy
 Dead battery from selfies
 Skin on my knees is bleeding
 Time for a psychic reading
 Give Dionne Warwick a call cause pride comes before the fall
 My hair’s never seen a brush
 Smells like jungle juice and rush
 We got your pussy popping
 And there’s no sign of stopping
 Eat up these kibbles and bits
 Take us to 10 billion hits
 A natural disaster
 We’re Team Adore Delaska

 All right, so I’ve never heard of a hair brush
 So I'm like a coloring book, even a child could read me
 Well, you know what, motherfucker?
 I look fucking cool

 I look fucking cool

[Adore Delano:]
 Cause I look fucking cool [x2]

 Omg, Alaska, can you believe this shit?

[Alaska - Spoken:]
 I know, right, Adore Delano?
 Our song is so good
 I love it

[Adore and Alaska:]
 Cause we look fucking cool [x7]

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