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Исполнитель: Papa Roach
Название песни: M-80
Альбом: Lovehatetragedy (2002)
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Papa Roach - M-80 текст песни, lyrics

This music is my time 
To reel out and rewind 
I'll be brutal with truth 
I'd rather be honest with my soul 
Be the pile of trash 
A bum picks through to get a bite to eat 
I'm filthy 
I'm horny 
I'm dirty nasty dirty 

I'm strong and fearless 
Only 'cause I got rock 'n' roll 
I'm knee-deep in our blood 
Only 'cause I got rock 'n' roll 

Baby c'mon 
Baby c'mon 
Break it 

Crazier than I ever was 
I'm bloodied up I beat my skull in 
Comin' home in a body bag 
And I'm ready to die for rock 'n' roll 
I can't change the world 
I can only change myself 
I'm as sharp as a knife 
As high as a kite 
Demented as the night is long 

I'm not sheddin' a tear 
I'm blowin' some steam 
Stuck in between 
Living a dream 

Baby c'mon

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