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Исполнитель: Halestorm
Название песни: Unapologetic
Альбом: Into The Wild Life (2015)
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Halestorm - Unapologetic текст песни, lyrics

Give it to me straight
Straight and strong
We’ll drink until it’s gone
I got a dirty mouth
Say what I want to say
Can’t wash it away

Well I’m high steppin’ out of the box
Getting out of the cage I’m busting the lock
Oh yeah

I’m not scared 
Ain’t trying to be 
Won’t give nothing less than all of me

Because I’m unapologetic
Unapologetic with you tonight
Nothing to hide
Unapologetic, turn on the light
All of the lights
And I’ll take you as you are 
And we’ll burn like the stars

Give me
Give me something real 
Don’t play no games
No masquerade

‘Cause it’s last call, it’s closing time
I think I’m gonna let you read my mind
Oh yeah
Yeah, every little piece of me


I’ll give you every piece of me
I’ll give you every piece of you 

Baby there’s nothing you can say
To make me throw it all away
I won’t give nothing less of me
Nothing less than all of me 


I’ll take you as you are
We’re burning like the stars
Oh yeah…

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