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Исполнитель: Slapshock
Название песни: High Times
Текст песни добавил: Ultra Magnus
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Slapshock - High Times текст песни, lyrics

Drop this shit when I smoke then I get ill 
I got the muthafuckin' rhyme getting burn like a grill 
Kiss your ass goodbye when I get so high 
I feel like I could fly can I die 
Dyin' I'm not dying I'm gonna keep on goin' and going
Until the muthafuckers fuck with me
I want to sing but you don't even know all the pain I bring
So boom I blast you, you can take it for free 
You get high with your crew and your enemy
Blue I see blue and white 
I'll be like Mike Tyson when it's time to take fight 
I see you I say yeah 
Throw yo hands in the air 


Don't you fade away 
I get high like everyday 

Drop this shit you never stop you never quit 
Wind below your feet I got my head hangin' underneath
All the way I'll take yah your burnin' like fire 
Hold it back down I'll be your messiah
These black clouds over me
I feel like dyin' in a kung-fu movie 
Like my man Bruce Lee no time for the wannabe
This is my last bit of energy left can't you see 


High times I feel so fine
Stiggidy booms gonna make you high (4x) 
High times I feel so fine 
Stiggidy booms gonna make you high (4x) 


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