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Исполнитель: Slapshock
Название песни: Psycho Love
Текст песни добавил: Ultra Magnus
484 просмотров с 2015-07-15 15:09:12
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Slapshock - Psycho Love текст песни, lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah come up (2x) 

We begin to your sin when you were a fiend 
Come again like a drug in my body like amphetamine 
You got jacked and I got stacked when you turn to black 
I'm back to the time when I'm feeling you'll be mine 
This is a story I said I'm sorry 
Of love, hate, fun and orgy 
You better run to your mommy if you've got no one 
Hide in a suitcase like you're hidin' from the sun 

I'd rather die than to see you fly 
I'd rather die than to see you fly 
I'd rather die than to see you fly 
Psycho love (2x) 

You gave me love without you I feel like I got robbed 
Like a dove when it cries all I do is crucify 
Magnify defy the truth about the lie 
I said I-I-I wanna die 
When you spin then I try to win your heart again 
I'll be singing halleluja like I am a born again 
Christian no ammunition to all your questions 
I am a guilty party and I got no explanation 

(repeat chorus) 

Talking sex on the text you don't know what's comin next 
Watch me flex as we watch some hardcore triple-X 
Tu ma's dis je t'aime je t'ai dis attends j'allais dire prends-moi 
Be my senorita make love in my casa 
If you want some more then I'll call you manana 
Tu m'as dis attends tu m'as dis va t'en 

I love you, you can never get away
I need you, you can never try to play (6x) 
Love me, love me, love me

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