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Исполнитель: Slapshock
Название песни: Sex Freak
Текст песни добавил: Ultra Magnus
500 просмотров с 2015-07-15 15:12:00
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Slapshock - Sex Freak текст песни, lyrics

Just like you
I feel you too
You try to put me
In your cage
But I feel the pain
Come on
Look up look up
Who do you see
In the sky?
Can you see
My deadly shadow
Looking in your eye?
But you lie
There's a fire
In your mind
So you run
And you cry
When you get denied
So hold it back down
Hold it back down
Bring it down
Let me take control of
The show that I flow
I did it on the streets
You did it on the beach
We did it in the car
But only in
The backseat

I'm a sex freak
I'm a sex freak
I'm a sex freak
Sex sex sex
Get up now (x2)

With me don't

Close your eyes
I know you're stuck
In your lies
Don't waste my time
Stereotype me when
I get kinda freaky
Insanity complicates
With reality
I wanna take you
To the last ride
Then survive if we dive
To the next side
Of the story
Still can't hear me
Come on
If sex can kill so
Why don't you kill me?
So everybody can die
Not just for the money
I'll make you scream
Oh yeah
Would you let me?

Repeat chorus

What I feel inside
It's not what's
On your mind
You try to leave me
Here I'm
Deaf and blind

Repeat chorus

Sex sex sex
Get up now (x3)
Sex sex sex

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