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Исполнитель: Slapshock
Название песни: Drown
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Slapshock - Drown текст песни, lyrics

It's goin' down like this... 

I got this pain up in my brain 
I think I'm goin' insane 
Like there are two million soldiers just waitin' for the rain 
Oh no here comes my daydream 
The devil chasin' me like it was Halloween 
I'm sick and tired I can't go on like a big ass stone crushin' over my bone 
Hey you what you gonna say 
You can never try to run you can never get away 

Side side side
I'm drowning inside (4x) 

You have to get up 
Your mind is on the deathtrap 
The water that runs will never stop
You piece of crap 
Can't you see why can't you be 
Everybody now they start looking like me 
It's a suicide take a ride feel the vibe 
Be the groom even though there aint a fuckin bride 
Wanna take you under my art is a killer 
This life is a cover-up murder 

(repeat chorus) 

Please don't let me kill you with your heart 
Open up your eyes as you're waiting to be blind
I think you can accept the blood flows in your head 
Just put it in the bag 
Just put it in the bag 

(repeat chorus) 

Side side I think I'm drowning in - (3x) 
Side side
Drowning inside
Drowning inside

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