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Исполнитель: Slapshock
Название песни: Push Me
Текст песни добавил: Ultra Magnus
460 просмотров с 2015-07-31 22:05:42
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Slapshock - Push Me текст песни, lyrics

My adrenaline rushin' to my brain
When I'm travellin', die while you're sufferin'
Come again 
Don't you ever feed and consume me
You push on the wall just to take what you gave me 

I came face to face with the Devil
Like Evel Knievel, I break bones yo
Better than Steven Seagal 

Don't spit, don't quit, you don't benefit
Just look into my eyes, all you see is a hypocrite 

Don't ever judge me, You're breaking myself! 

Don't push me! I'll try to see you inside my head
Don't push me! I'll try to feel you inside my head 

It's a lifestyle of the poor and shame
No money, no life, no food, no fame 

Got no time to deny
Got no time to die
You'll be okay, 'cause I'll be the one to crucify 

So open your eyes, your ears, you're on your own
You're livin' a life without your heart
You can't fight alone 

Now you see me on TV and act like you know me
What the fuck now, I'm drowning in my misery! 



You want to die with me tonight
Everything's gonna be alright. 

Push me
Don't Push Me! 


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