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Исполнитель: Jill Scott
Название песни: Closure
Альбом: Woman (2015)
Текст песни добавил: Nastenka
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Jill Scott - Closure текст песни, lyrics

In the morning when I wake up
I'mma take a little time and bring up
The fact that we didn't break up
And just for one night we made up
And we made love, and it was so good
That sweet, rough, that funky stuff
I can tell by your moans, you ain't get enough
Baby you want, but it ain't my love

Don't be expecting no breakfast in the morning baby
You got all you gon' get, this is it, this is closure
This is closure, this is closure, this is closure, told ya

Now you're looking at me with faces
Cause I went two different places
You're thinking it's a new beginning
When I know that it's the ending
We ended our time for a reason
Our trouble was never pleasing
Each other we got the right seeds done
That ain't enough to plant our dreams in
Oh I want some sugar in my bowl
A deeper connection baby
Don't you want more?
I think it's time that we move forward
I've hurted like a kid turned on you wrong
This is the last time I hope you enjoyed
Now would you mind leaving out the back door?

Don't be expecting no breakfast baby
You got all you gon' get, this is it, this is closure
This is closure, this is closure, this is closure, told ya

[Spoken Outro: Jill Scott]
Look homie, there will be no more homemade waffles, okay? With the fresh strawberries, you know the ones I put the agave in. There will be no more quiche and no more sausages, and don't even think about my pepper jack grits, or my grandma's buttermilk biscuits. (Told ya)

Hungry? You want something to eat? You want some of my time? You want some of attention? You want my honesty? You want me to listen to you baby? Aw, is that what you want from me? Hah, you better get that backdoor, go on. Hell no.

[Spoken Outro: Male]
You don't hear me out here knocking? That mean don't come... You want me to leave right now? The closure start today? Its good, I can still come back and wash your car if you need me to. For that breakfast and that guave sweetener, I, no more of that? And the waffle gone too? I'll come inside so I can hear you. No? Okay, alright, okay, I'll call you... don't call you, call you, no, don't call you, okay. One more thing, you calling the cops? I'mma leave.

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