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Исполнитель: Wiz Khalifa
Название песни: Burn Slow
Текст песни добавил: Nastenka
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Wiz Khalifa - Burn Slow (feat. Rae Sremmurd) текст песни, lyrics

[Hook: Rae Sremmurd (Wiz Khalifa)] 
(N*ggas gonna need a nap in a little bit) 
Burn slow (Get back up from a trap nap) 
Burn slow, burn slow. 
(I'm burning slow right now) 
Burn slow. 
(I'm at the end of the inscent) 
Burn slow, burn slow. 
(N*ggas ain't got kids) 
Burn slow, burn slow. 

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa] 
Nobody open the door. 
Homie I blow by the “O”. 
Burning it down, good shit is all that I know. 
I done had all that before. 
Shawty a pro, told her get down on the floor. 
She take it all in her throat. 
She wanna go, smell the weed all in my clothes. 
F*ck her, don't need her no more. 
Six in a row, get a bitch, give her the bone. 
Break her like six in them stones. 
N*ggas so cold, thinking I sit in the snow. 
I keep a b*tch getting stoned. 
Smoke in my home, all my whips covered in chrome. 
All my dips love giving dome. 
Get it to go, back to my crib stuffing cones. 
Y'all either kids or my clones. 
We turnt up on marij*ana and champagne. 
Them n*ggas talk who they are, but they don't do a thing. 
Can't tell me I ain't drunk, I'm on that water in a cup. 
Different stokres, find me a bitch I can poke. 
I'mma go get me an "O" and. 

[Hook: Rae Sremmurd] 
Burn slow, burn slow. 
Burn slow, burn slow. 
Burn slow, burn slow. 
Burn slow, burn slow. 

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa] 
Got a couple thousand dollars and some change rolled up. 
I get money every day so everything's on us. 
I got my own strain, it come with my name. 
Go straight to the brain, your shit ain't the same. 
A different lane, we sipping champagne. 
I been in the game, just give me a flame. 
She looking for change, I'm rolling up Jane. 
I'm balling insane, got more than six rings. 
In love with my slang, I'm puffing a J. 
I hunt her today, come up with a play. 
Most of these n*ggas be wanting to cuff on a b*tch. 
I just be up in the way, stuff in the safe. 
I'm loving the race, stuck in first place. 
F*ck her for days. 
Them n*ggas wanna talk about it but they don't wanna roll. 
What it takes to be a real G, they don't even know. 
I go to her page, she come to my place. 
It look like a maze, we roll up a plane. 
She look at my change, she start giving brain. 
If they ain't the gang, then we ain't the same. 

[Hook: Rae Sremmurd] 
Burn slow, burn slow. 
Burn slow, burn slow. 
Burn slow, burn slow. 
Burn slow, burn slow.

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