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Исполнитель: Tinashe
Название песни: Party Favors
Текст песни добавил: Nastenka
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Tinashe - Party Favors (feat. Young Thug) текст песни, lyrics

(Verse 1 – Tinashe & Young Thug) 
What you feeling like? 
I feel like I’m the highest in the room 
I feel like I could f**k you cause I want 
See shawty over there, bi**h looking at me, she kinda cute 
See a ni**a over there, he’s feeling on up like silk 

(Pre Chorus – Tinashe) 
I’ve been tripping, high on 
Breathe into me 
You know 
Inhale, exhale 
I’m so dizzy 
They can’t save me, I’m gone 
Woah, oh, they don’t go as hard as I do 
I brought some to the party for you, oh 
I’ll mix it up and serve it for you 
Party favors for you 
Party favors for you 

(Chorus – Tinashe) 
Oh, I got some party favors for you 
Oh, I got some party favors for you 
Oh, I got some party favors for you 
Now baby I got that special juice for you 
Oh, I got some party favors for you 

(Verse 2 – Tinashe) 
Clouds of smoke are rising in the air 
I feel their eyes when everybody stare 
See a hater over there, they scheming on me cause I’m the truth 
I’m with my homies over here and we ain’t got no love for you 

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus) 

(Verse 3 – Young Thug) 
It’s something fishy going on and I smell it 
You leave that dough around that girl and she’ll deal it 
Papi stay outside the first time, I just forget it 
I know she get pulled over and she’ll tell it 
Yeah ni**a I know 
Hit her with the sham, no mop and glow 
Put that bi**h on the and it ain’t no stop and go 
I took Hannah Montana before the show 
I got 300 bands on me, that mean no Calico 
Rolling out that bounty check your visas 
Pull up in that Rari watch your G’s house 
Hard smile for the one’s that didn’t believe us 
Hard d**k for the ones that they won’t be with us 
I lost a bullet for them boys that mislead us 
Yeah, ni**a busting, way too hot to touch him 
But I’m elephant tusking 
Real gangsta, bi**h, I’m on my Russian 

(Repeat Chorus)

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