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Исполнитель: Duffy
Название песни: Dear Heart
Текст песни добавил: Nastenka
690 просмотров с 2015-09-12 17:35:16
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Duffy - Dear Heart текст песни, lyrics

He brings in sorrow. 
To know i, won’t be there. 
Tomorrow, as he walks his life for her to admit. 
He’s gotta understand. 
I’m gone, dear heart. 
It brings a misery. 
To know that he doesn’t ring door high end store. 
No sacrifice will suffice. 

Dear heart, then I go and wonder why. 
I sit alone and act right. 
He’s lying, I was nothing more. 
Than another score. 
Dear heart. 

It gives me no reason. 
Over and over. 
The numbers you [?] forever. 
Now it’s never for me and my dear heart. 
Dear heart. 

Like a fool. 
I played the part. 
Then you poured and break my heart. 
With that wound that got news for you. 
We’ll be through. 
You and my dear heart. 
Dear heart. 
Dear heart. 
Dear heart. 
You’ll be through.

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