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Исполнитель: Green Day
Название песни: Nice Guys Finish Last
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
1808 просмотров с 2007-10-24 20:54:28
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Green Day - Nice Guys Finish Last текст песни, lyrics

Nice guys finish last.
You're running out of gas.
Your sympathy will get you left behind.

Sometimes you're at your best, when you look the worst.
Do you feel washed up like piss going down the drain.

Pressure cooker pick my brain and teel me I'm insane.
I'm so fucking happy I could cry.
Every joke can have its truth but now the joke's on you.
I never knew you were such a funny guy.

Oh nice guys finish last, when you are the outcast.
Don't pat yourself on the back you might brake your spine.

Living on command.
You're shaking lots of hands.
Your kissing up and bleeding all your trust, taking what you need.
Bite the hand that feeds. You kill your memory and have no luck.

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