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Исполнитель: Green Day
Название песни: One Of My Lies
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
1648 просмотров с 2007-10-24 20:56:03
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Green Day - One Of My Lies текст песни, lyrics

When i was younger
I thought the world circled around me
But in time i realized i was wrong
My immortal thoughts turned into just dreams
of a dead future
It was a tragic case of my reality.

Do you think you're indestructable
And no one can touch you?
Well i think you're disposable
And it's time you know the truth
Cause it's just one of my lies!

Why does my life have to be so small?
Yt death is forever
And does forever have a life to call it's own?

Don't give me an awnser cause you only know
as much as i know
Unless you've been there once well i hardly think so

I used to pray all night
Before i lay myself down
My mother said it was right
Her mother said it too

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