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Исполнитель: Bring Me The Horizon
Название песни: Football Season Is Over
Альбом: Suicide Season (2008)
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Bring Me The Horizon - Football Season Is Over текст песни, lyrics

Why the fuck can I not hail a taxi?
Arm out like a nazi
Every cunt's driving past.
Where the fuck is every one?
I can't see anymore
I can't see anything!
The hardest part of today is a hangover

Empty bottles and empty promises.
I got every person I need.
And it's gonna be, one hell of a messy night!
I can't remember last night,
I can't remember anything!
Turn this fucking shit up

Party till you pass out, drink till your dead
Dance all night till you cant feel your legs

We are done with giving a fuck.

I'm so drunk i cant even pee anymore

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