Текст песни: The Spine Collection (Oceana )

The old ways always get at me,
throwing myself on the floor when I’m empty.
Call me I’m falling in front of a demon possessing.
Making me talk.
My throat gets rid of a part of me.
Anxiety could end it all.
Physically I’ve found that I’ll stay the same,
and you all should have nothing to say.
I was afraid of living alone.
You could of changed it.
They could have saved us.
I need something to fill in the hole.

How pathetic my face is allergic.
And everything my spine gives.
I wanna get rid of it.
The patches that hold my blood in.
I’ve invented a new sin.
The whole world takes part of it.
In learning I’ll love him right now.
He does not exist.
Till then I’ll be over it.
It’s one thing I’ll never miss
And I’ll never find a way to be happy,
and there’s no one here that’s like me

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Исполнитель: Oceana

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