Текст песни: Talk Me Down (Westlife )

I’m too tired to go to bed
I’m too wired for anything except
The crossfire in my head
It’s been a long night ‘Cos I took all I can take

Til the walls shook and the windows break
I want to phone you but it’s far too late
It’s been a long night

So talk me down
Talk me down
Talk me down
Talk me down
‘Cos we fought an endless war

Til we forgot what we were fighting for

Now we can’t stop
But we can withdraw
In the long night


The light flashed and I thought I’d died
My life passed before my eyes
It went too fast for the love I feel


Down, down, down
Lay your head near mine
Tell me that it’s all fine
Love me while there’s still time
It’s been a long night

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Исполнитель: Westlife

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