Текст песни: Why The Dollar Falls (feat. Раскарандаш) (Noize MC )

You hear
Noize MC alongside Ras
Spreading da vibe outta Russia internationally!

The way we wanna live is an American dream in action,
Our women wanna look like Hollywood silicon dolls.
Globalization is an irriversible reaction —
I know it, so explain to me why the dollar falls!

Down, down… So, why the dollar falls

Excuse me for my pronunciation — fuck the way it sounds,
I’ve learned English from the text written on bucks and
From the songs by «t.
U.», from their
From the pay channels I watched on lonely night hours.
It doesn’t matter that I rap worse than Puff —
For every kid from Russia it sounds like foreign stuff:
Yo, c’mon, c’mon, I’m a real gangsta»
The American culture is like AIDS and cancer —
Nobody knows how to save us from being infected,
The Matrix is already here and we’re all connected
While watching Youtube videos and drinking «Cola»
It’s all understood — tell me what’s wrong with the

Mi see
Alla dem damn dollars fallin down jus like 911 twin towers!
Down down down down dollar falls —
Cyant believe it’s true but it a no false
Why so many whys no one tell me because
Why so many lifes sacrificed to de war
Leaders a no wise dem a mash up de earth
Inna de newspapers de rate never told
Of blood per oil and a life per gold
Money mus be fun inna de rich man’s world
But dem cyan buy time — everyone a grow old
De eternity fi dem a never sold
De man him a fi invest in him soul
When banks of bucks a go bang like a bubble
See wa dem really got – nuttin at all!


Not every dollar’s made from paper — some are made from
And when they fall down from the airplane they may kill!
Choose where to live between the bomb shelter and nowhere,
If you din’t wanna build the new Babylon tower.
Soon we’ll forget the funny stupid languages we spoke,
Democracy’s like communism — it ain’t nothing but a joke,
And if you wanna have some fun, welcome to the team
Of pretty people building the fucking American dream!

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Исполнитель: Noize MC

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