Домой Тексты песен Break the code

Break the code


I had to make my own happy end.

Caught off my guard when I was young,
I fell too far, my song unsung.
You crushed my hope into the ground.

My screams they made no sound.

As pride turned into endless night,
started to think that you were right.
Wasted so many of my days.

Lost myself in the maze.

But I started to learn when I saw all the clues
that were lying around there were things I could use
that would help me forget you and help in directing… my hatred.

When I
Never knew what to do
Never knew what to try
When I was watching you piss on my dreams
Without your help I broke the code
Now you just scream my name

I made my own road… all alone.

These streets before me paved in gold,
They show no mercy and corrode,
But still I go on still the same.

I found my strength in pain.

These doors slam closed, they have no key,
They do not open up for free.
I ripped them down before but then

You built them up again.

Come on don’t be a sore loser. There is nothing to prove.
I decided to choose, because in order to do
What I want to the letter and ignore your excuses… was better.

Forever dying…
You shelter your shame.
To you my life was a fucking game.

I see… so tired of the cross that I bore alone for so long… not alive.

Now I am alive.


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