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Not yet


It seems the raining leaves of autumn
only stop when winter winds will scream
Someone’s penetrated into my life.
Someone’s altering how I see my life.
When dawn surrenders all the light of day
becoming something more unseen,
the twilight…
Someone flipped another switch in my life.
is endless.
Someone that I trusted is controlling my life.

When we run to the light, from these dreams that went wrong
We expect an answer will soon come along.
(We escape expecting answers to come along.)
But we reach the end and / all we’re able to get
the words that break us / not yet, yet, yet
(are the words that break us not yet yet yet)

You throw the dice and hope that fate will
smile down on you, like it did before
but sadly…
Someone keeps me from what I want in my life

Someone pretends that they’re not in my life
Some words pierce into my heart so deeply
that they can / cut me to the core
Someone shifts the blame onto me for my life.
Someone sells me out making me pay with my life.

My silent adversary
hits me just like a cyclone
My screams die near the target
forever they lie unknown.
When all these wounds will open
the stitches on my eyes
that I sewed up on my own
finally is when all this fear dies.

What’s said and what is done get
drowned out by what we forget.

We’ll find an answer but not yet yet yet

My screams die near the target
finding nothing left but regret.

The words that break us not yet yet yet yet


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