Текст песни: It Hurts (Lady Gaga )

Now for the second time in my destiny,
I find something so real, so pure, Unicorn love within,
And I think you wanna keep the sparkle hiding
Forever in your soul! Haa-Ho-o.

And I think, if only,
I could preserve me,
My soul so pure,so real, true beauty,
Then I would have wasted all the stars in the sky to win this pride!

But now that I`ve found my Haa-Ho-o

I`ll just Scream Loud and leak my tears, cuz!

Everyday that I’m with you,
I’ll wear your favor-ite perfume.
And on the days I am without,
I’ll wear only my tears, and pout.
Having you on me all night and day;
Makes me wanna hush and pray to never
Lose you..but it hurts;
it hurts;
Oh, baby hear me out;
it hurts it hurts.

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Исполнитель: Lady Gaga

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