Текст песни: Walk On Water (Aerosmith )

High class
Bolt ons
Fast car
Quick fix
Freak out
Nose bleed
Skull cap
Pissed off
Pissed on

I never seen a smile that looked so sad
You make me feel so good ’cause you’re so bad

Hey little darlin’
Your love is legendary
Love’s four letters
Ain’t in my dictionary’Scuse my position
But it ain’t missionary
Yeah but I want to
Walk on the water with you

Tan line
Sweet stuff
Boo yah
Knocked Up
Hose Down
Cool cat
Hot flash

When it comes to makin’ love I ain’t no hype’Cause I practise on a peach most every night


Well, the cook’s in the kitchen
And hidin’ the spoons
I’m winkin’ at witches
And howlin’ at moons
I’m afraid of the candle
But love for the flame

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Исполнитель: Aerosmith

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