Текст песни: Live For… (Gorky Park )

Music & Words by A. Belov

Verse 1:

Falling I’m falling again
Losing control like a plane
In a state of my pain
I just need little light to retain

Dreaming I dreaming again
Triping alone in the rain
And a memory spin
Burning the words on my skin


I live for love — (3 times)
I don’t have any time for hating

Verse 2:

If you will push me aside
Cutting in pieces my pride
I will freeze it inside
Like a crow on a snow
But I know



Sightless walking the road through the sharp sudden spears
Sightless walking to something is stronger then fear



Текст и слова песни "Live For…" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: Gorky Park

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