Домой Тексты песен Flyer



I’m the flyer, got one desire
And that is to go straight to you heart
You know we got to get to the start
I’m the Flyer, I’m under fire
That’s why we got to get to the start
Come on I’m aiming straight to you heart

Tonight, I’m going to take off it feels
Right, the sky is clear the moonlight shines
Bright, the flyer’s coming out, the flyer’s on the move tonight
You, you seem to be out in the
Blue, my love for you is peek-a-boo

The flyer s on the move
You know I will get you in to the groove
Come on, come on, come on….

In time, I know I’m gonna make you
Mine, cause to me you’re divine girl
The flyer s taking off
I’m going for what s mine I’ll get tough

I tried so hard with worlds and common chatter
I didn’t know what to do
Do you receive? Does it even really matter?
Come on, come on, come on…..


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