Текст песни: Pay For It (Jay Rock )

[Hook: Chantal]
Ain’t no game, I’m taking all you have
And you’re gonna pay for it
I don’t know if I can stop myself
And you’re gonna pay for it
Oh, you’ll never learn
I touch fire, little burn
This ain’t no game, I’m taking all you have
And you’re gonna pay for it

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
It’s a heavy load, I stole on a bumpy road
No jacket when I was cold, becoming one with my soul
Stand tall and toe with my foes, these wolves in sheep clothes
No weapon on me, should prosper, nigga, you better watch it
You playin’ with fire, burning you slow, hold up
I hear the whispers wishin’, it’s all cheap voodoo
I keep it cool to keep from going coo-coo
With a cal, aiming at fake smiles and turn them upside down
Came too far for my feet to fail me
Lord, if I’m wrong you can help me now, hold up
Wait a minute, what am I sayin’?
The Devil he busy, tryna get me everyday in every way
I won’t let up, I won’t shut up
You can’t stop me, you won’t knock me, ten-four now copy
Live almighty, my declaration been written
In hieroglyphics on top of the highest mountain, I listen


[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
I tell ’em all hail King Kendrick, resurrecting my vengeance
Been dissecting your motormouth until I break down the engine
This ain’t no warning shot, this a relevant henchman
See my opponent then, cease your existence
Endin’ our friendship, baby, I’d rather die alone
Your diaphragm is dietary, what you eatin’ on?
Capture your audience with these words, boy
The holy Chapel, the tabernacle
The book of Matthew and Jesus starin’ at you, take your turn, boy
See it’s going to take a whole lotta ya’ll to kill me
See it’s going to take a whole tribe of ya’ll to kill me
I never die
My pedigree apparently only to idolize
Ahead of me is only my future and idle time
Longevity, I gotta get used to making you mine
You tellin’ me I only get used to livin’ if fine
You can never live in my shoes, permanently paid from God

[Bridge: Kendrick Lamar]
When the sun goes down, I scream loud and sleep when I die
But I will never die, my legacy is alive

[Verse 3: Jay Rock]
I die to get it off my chest, push words just like weight
I die to eat, tellin’ shows on my face
Tragedy turn to triumph, I’m tryin’ just to relate
Jumpin’ off of them towers, I’m takin’ that leap of faith
Playin’ at high stakes
Now when I speak, they pupils, they’ll dilate
Through speakers’ll vibrate
Know you feelin’ the vibe, that vine couldn’t relate
This next clip is long, a sun of a gun, big numbers
Do the math now ,cover the sum
I come from the slums, we come for the funds
Like run it
Under the sun where niggas livin’ they life blunted
Countin’ the ones, but truthfully nothin’ like hundreds
Keep it 100
Roadblock in-front of me, look I’m runnin’ through it
Stick and move it, sippin’ that Hennessy, this my gutter fluid
Nothin’ to it
What we lost we gone make it back
Like it wasn’t missin’, now listen, you bout to pay for that


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Исполнитель: Jay Rock

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