Текст песни: Come over (Jennifer Lopez )

Baby, I need to see you
Oh, please come over

One, you come to my room for a little game
Two you, I’ll do every erotic things
I wanna make love, babe, very slowly
Three times in a row, all night I’ll go

1 — I love when you come over
(Please come over)
And when you come, it gives me feva
(Come oh-oh-over)

Body next to mine
Love dance, syncopated time

Sugar rush keeps me high
Sweet kiss on my thigh
I wanna make love baby, very badly
Feels good in the air
Every time you’re here

Repeat 1

Don’t keep me waiting, anticipating
Love I am saving for you
Hear what I’m saying
You I am craving
Love is here waiting for you
All day you’re staying
Please no delaying
Patiently waiting for you

Текст и слова песни "Come over" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: Jennifer Lopez

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