Текст песни: Outstanding (Lil Wayne )

Mr. D. Carter
from out tha deep water
thank the lord for my voice,
the beat, and the recorder
now pick an alphabet
and your a z and
while i’m up tryin to be tha best mc and
now let me in
I got my key in
and with them alphabets,
I never used p-e-n
but i gotta lotta paper
but a lot aint enough
so I got an occupatioin
gotta bring the bacon
straight to the kitchen table
homie if ya girl pregnant
you should kiss her naval
cuz you probably wont live
to see the mothaf**kin cradle
ya past left a scar
and the future’s lookin fatal
ya can’t be sorry
ya gotta be a savior
gotta be the bread winner
so go rob the bread maker
when they put ya homey to sleep
its gotta be a wake up
ya move in tha hood
then ya gotta meet the neighbors

I holla
Bitch get off me
bitch get off me
I’m the little ass nigga
known as big homei
the killas is ballin
the niggas is targets
the snitches is talkin
but this is New Orleans
I love what i got
I’m just livin the moment
I aint dyin just yet

I take a shit in the coffin
I already know how to piss in tha toilet
I’m tryin to get tha pot
to piss in in the mornin’
I never fall back
I’d rather go forward
and when I come through
ya betta duck like howard
because i got power
just like a forward
I come through the lane
and straight dunk like Staudi-Mire, Amare reminds me of I-uh
he’s a Pheonix sun and I am fire
dis-re-spect and I spit fire
til ya neck end up like

now would ya light that blunt
promethazine please
now bitch look at me
like a set of t.v.’s
I’m just tryin to live out my destiny,
please, let me do me
I got the recipe, feed
I’m all about my bread
like a seseme seed
big dog talkin, check my pedigree flees (Ha
and I ball like every team
and i got every girl havin sex with me dream
My heart is in the dirty
but the rest of me clean
I jump for Hollygrove
like a trampoline fiend
and I rock ya bells
like a tambourine bean
jewelry shinin’ like flush
Maybaline bling
red Giants jersey if ya know wut i mean
Gimme Plaxico Burress, number seventeen
one circle, three fingers is tha theme
and young money motha f**ka is tha team

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Исполнитель: Lil Wayne

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