Текст песни: Game over (Nico & Vinz )

Ruff Diamondz, ok, listen bang
We’ve landed, straight from Venus here with my ladies gang
Yeah, taking a beat like stealing a ladies man
Ohh no, no hard feelings fellas hope you understand
This tracks gonna go to a whole new female game plan
This be the part of the track where I wanna hear the crowd say brapp
Make hits not beats and I swear down every time a bitch get smacked. (Raaaah)
Call us the wolves of the mic, females dominate in packs
Oohhh ohh, it’s game over

Errgh, Vagina. Monologues, Hyper
Just Got The Viper, Jog along
Hear When You Mention I’m A Scifer,
Cotton On
Careful Precision Of A Sniper
16 Years I’ve Been Spitting, I’m a Writer
Switching Gears On The Record, I’m a Driver
You’ll get parred with the bars I provide
On a dark dark night I’ll arrive and suprise ya

We’ll make sure when they hear this rhythm
They’ll say Envy went in it
Or the issues easy to just bang in with bare women
Now we got the beat, It’s game over finish. Kill it
Man’s grinning like say I’m kidding
Listen when they hear this, they’ll be like yeah
Them girls there gon’ be billionaires
Got stillion flow and brilliant flare
So soon they be gone like Prince Williams hair

It’s game over Cherri’s in the building fellas look over ya shoulder
I’m coming harder than anyone I told ya
I’m gonna keep you watching my show like a promoter
Make you lean back as we attack it’s game over

Oh Oh Ok, consider this Ahhhhh
Even with my DNA still can’t double me
Don’t need no ventriloquist Ahhhhh
Two years out and I’m killing this (ok!)
Blow money fast like I think I’m Rozay
Give me more zero’s I’m paid in, 4 Os in a line I’m saving
So I ain’t even running, I’m rollerblading. Blue!

Roxxxan prepare for when I land
With one finger up off my hand
Shouting backpack gang
All smiley girl version of Wiley
I’mma Rasta, so watch me switch up the style-ee
Like dagga-dagga-dagga-dagga
Average chick, I’m way badder than that
It’s all mine, I’m a bit of a brat
But dont be a baby, be a lady
From then I’ve been a realist cat

Got the call, told I make a eight for this
I said cool,
I got flow, I’ll be great for this
Game over, way before I came on this
But still they don’t wanna believe, Atheist
It’s alright though, ideas like a light bulb
Coz I show skill, I walk on a tight rope
I won’t ever procrastinate
Coz I feel myself, straight masturbate

Haha, I’m a tsunami,leave a wet patch
I deal with them like celebrity deathmatch
Grab the skeleton out of their mouth, make their neck crack
I break the rules, tell the referees get back
I fucked up the beat now my water’s broke
They ain’t got the x factor like Wagner
I’m killing this tune like an awkward note

Go hard, one of this, bars ever sick
Everybody want get a bit, laughin’ at it
I’mma be a star in a bit. it’s hard isn’t it
Anybody that want it get in another way
Shut down

We’ve ish mix straight tracks
Ain’t trouble of a heartburn mixtape
It’s overr, na na na up you
I leave them leaning like fake ugg boots

It’s game over, ladies in the building fellas look over ya shoulder
We’re coming harder we’re better and stronger
We’re gonna keep you watching this show like promoter
Make you lean back as we attack. It’s game over

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Исполнитель: Nico & Vinz

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