Текст песни: As Soon As Love Finds Me (Survivor )

** I’ve been holdin’ out
I’ve been hiding from the light
Sneakin’ down the back streets
Sneakin’ down the backstreets
But no longer, can hide my eyes
From the city nights**
* And soon as love finds me I will go
No I won’t, say no
As soon as love finds me (when it finds me)
I will go*

Now I’ve had my share
of one night affairs

When I was a little younger
(just a little younger)
Well it wasn’t love
But we really didn’t care
It was close enough

(* Repeat)

All my life I pretended ya know
I’d go through the motions
It’s never been love
It’s always been wrong, it’s gotta be
Right on the time this time

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Исполнитель: Survivor

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