Текст песни: Heart’s A Lonely Hunter (Survivor )

here’s a fog upon the skyline
Clouds my view
And the city’s cold and lonely
Without you

And so I set out upon the highway
Bound to leave your memory behind
And the praire wind it chills me to my bone
And the hearts a lonely hunter all alone

And the fields are rollinЎЇ softly
Across the plane
And my eyes can see forever
Through the pourinЎЇ rain

I could have sworn I heard your sweet voice callinЎЇ
Bout a mile past the county line
It was only just an echo, in my soul

And the hearts a lonely hunter all alone

DrivinЎЇ past the state line
Change my state of mind
Suddenly a free born man
HeadinЎЇ for a small town turn
Turn my life around
No one has to understand
Without a past, to tie me
To my shadow
And to the last, I’ll run my life
Alone, alone

Now the sun is beatinЎЇ softly
On my skin
And at last I feel emotion
Beating deep within

And for the first time I know for certain

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Исполнитель: Survivor

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