Текст песни: Hesitation Dance (Survivor )

Like a vision standin’ there,
Lips poutin’, a come-on stare,
Come on — I thought I had your number,
Workin’ up an appetite for love,
Don’t let me die of hunger,
Ain’t ya got no heart,
No compassion for your lover,
When I get you on the floor, I find it’s just another,

Hesitation dance Ё
you got me in a stone-cold trance
Hesitation dance
Go out and find another fool
For your game of chance*

Shut the door, draw the blinds,
Yeah baby gonna draw the lines,
Come on, I know your heart’s on fire,
How could anyone who plays the part
And tastes so sweet wanna hide her heart away,

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Исполнитель: Survivor

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