Текст песни: She’s A Star (Survivor )

he comes to life from the cover of a Hollywood magazine
With a sense of confidence hard to fight
She waits to be discovered
Underneath the cover of a neon night
She’s a star
All of my friends they got a bet she hasn’t seen seventeen
I never been any good at playin’ the game
I’d just love to give her what she needs besides fortune and fame
She’s a star
From the backstreets to the city
There you’ll find her lookin’ so pretty

First she buys you, then she sells ya
You know she wants you when she’s telling you

Take me to the music
Out into the night
Drag me through the fire
Do it to me right*

She steps right out and grabs you like a cover girl photograph
She’ll size you up then she hits you with those Hollywood tears
But I don’t need no close-up

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Исполнитель: Survivor

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