Текст песни: Take You On A Saturday (Survivor )

You were hitchinЎЇ a ride
When I took you inside
You were tremblinЎЇ
Out in the rain,
Just a face with no name
In the cold
And you cling to my side
Like a desperate child
As the thunder crashed high above
Well now the storm is behind us
ItЎЇs time for some love

Take you on a Saturday
LovinЎЇ you til Monday morninЎЇ
Take you on a Saturday

IЎЇve been waitinЎЇ, waitinЎЇ, waitinЎЇ, yeah*

Now I donЎЇt know your past
And I donЎЇt know your last situation
All I know is the way that you feel
In my arms, ooh, my arms

And your body so sweet
And IЎЇm feelin your heat
And this heartЎЇs got no time to lose
So hold on tight babe
IЎЇm makin my move

( * Repeat)

And my love will flow like a river

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Исполнитель: Survivor

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