Текст песни: Essence (De/Vision )

Darkness is falling where hope cannot take hold.
In this solitude all your dreams are dead and cold
Time to wake up
Put on your make up
One hit to not feel low.
A voice is calling you: get ready for the show
And as you step into the light

It burns so bright
It blinds the eye.
You’re losing all control.
It’s promising
Then swallowing you whole
Takes the essence of your soul.

In our fractured lives we seek deliverance.
A vain attempt to leave our insignificance.
The world is changing
But you remain the same.
A remnant of a better day that never came
And you scream into the night.

Turn on the light
It’s warm and bright
And feels like coming home
It’s cleansing
It means everything
It’s good to be alone
It’s the essence of your soul.

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Исполнитель: De/Vision

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