Текст песни: The Better Days (Tiny Moving Parts )

The what-if’s are killing me,
Keeping me awake
I lie to myself, but my heart’s too smart to be tricked by my brain
I’m not okay (I’m not)
But I will be someday (I’m strong)
But I’m wounded
I can tell myself I’m moving on,but that’s just a poor excuse for comfortit’s just camouflage for abandonment
And I can’t spend my life waiting for the grand moment
You take me back and make me laugh again (That would be a miracle)
Which is impossible by definition
But I miss you
I know you can hear it in my voice, When I talk to you, I can see it in your eyes
I used to love your eyes
I used to love our lives
Living’s what I’ll do
It’s always what I’ve done
The clouds have got to show the sun!
I will (I will)
Find the (Find the)
I’ll find the better days
Deep down (Deep down)
I know (I know)
They’ll always be in reach
They will always be in reach
I’ve reduced to how I usually feel
When I fix to mind
That I won’t see you
I’ve reduced to how I usually feel’Cause I won’t see you

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Исполнитель: Tiny Moving Parts

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