Домой Тексты песен One In The Chamber

One In The Chamber


[Verse 1]
I was a living soul just like the rest of you
A normal guy working nine to five
Keeping up with the bills, because my mother was ill
I lost track of time, she lost her fucking mind
Eventually she died
I was broken and petrified
So I drank the medicine tonight
Bottoms up, here’s to my shitty life

Where have all my morals gone?
Washed away with the bottle, how did this all go wrong? (it all went wrong)
It wasn’t my intention, but there’s no redemption
For those who take away the lives of innocents
I’m inebriated, I’m dangerous, I can’t live on
So there’s one in the chamber just waiting for me to end it all

[Verse 2]
I drank my sorrows down and poisoned my soul to the core
I drove away that dreadful night, couldn’t take this life, not any more
Behind the wheel, the tunnel vision, I couldn’t see them
85 through the intersection
My sick transgression, I fucking killed him
I saw the blood, what had I done?



It’s come to this
A pen and paper, a loaded gun
I can’t live on another day with everything that I’ve done

[Verse 3]
Dark has taken all control
The accident had consequence, I took a father from his girl
And God can’t even save my soul
This life I live is barely living hollow man I have no feelings
Burn in fires down below
It’s just what I deserve cause I am evil and despicable
One shot ready to let go
I put my finger on the trigger
Life, I want mine to be over


There’s one in the chamber
Waiting for me just to end it all
End it all

My mother is gone, so I guess I’ll just leave this is for whoever finds me
All I can really say is I’m sorry
I can’t live with myself, with what I’ve done
I can’t take the guilt, and the pain, and the emptiness
It’s all just too much
I’m hollow
I can’t take life any more