Текст песни: Shadow Game (PitchBlack )

Have you wondered why you hear the whispers in the night?
And every corner seems to have so much to hide? So can you trust your eyes? Beware of what you see. You know those whispers are not just a midnight rain. Just a shadow game A shadow game So you can tell yourself It’s not for real, just a crazy dream. You know there is nothing here… Or maybe something is? The shadows haunting you So hold your breath as you turn aroud — You know it follows you… It’s nothing but your fear!
Just a shadow game A shadow game But it feels so real When the darkness falls (In the dark of night the shadows I see I know something is waiting, it’s calling for me…) Then your blood runs cold Keep on thinking that it is all right. Cause all those creepy tales Only happen on a TV-screen. But tell me don’t you know Just how the stories end? And if you trust yourself You’d better run for your life!

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Исполнитель: PitchBlack

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