Текст песни: Flow + PARANOIZE (Bones )

Ride slow, eyes low
Fuck with me or die alone
Ride the flow around we go
Anything you need, we got ’em yo
Drugs, guns, diamonds, bullets droppin’ like «Geronimo!»
I inhale what I got rolled up now life’s like a kaleidoscope
Never see me change, I always been the same
They picked up the trends, I just picked up the game
I picked up a flow, I picked up a chain
I put down the game every rap that I made

See I’m goin’, bitch, just like that
Roll in the back of the turbo ‘Vette
Got a turbo tech with a turbo jet
Click clack, boom boom, make a turbo mess
Tears drippin’ down your face like it’s rainin’ out
You lookin’ scared cause the Team and the Raiders out
Bitch, look, I’m a bring the tables out
Five-star splash from the top, he ain’t make it out
I’ll take your life, sip your blood out a golden cup
I’m feelin’ like the Brood evertyime I’m pourin’ up

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Исполнитель: Bones

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