Текст песни: Ctrl
Delete (Bones )

Used to be on Booth St. seeing 2
DNow we do 3 1080 HDGo press the AC, yelling like it hate me
When the sun start screaming, I let my ice save me
I put it on and my temperature dropping
Father time diamonds, press pause and they stop ya’Cryogenic pendants, Ima’ be the last fossil
Now for my next trick I will die proper
Loaded my duffel with these blades and they just got polished
Thinking about the day brings me nothing but silence
Runnin’ up with that, fuck it, I’m glad that I left my baggage
They all asked if it happened, replied with laughter
Never one to banter, I wanna up the ante
Every day I take the standard and put it where they can’t see
Forever where they can’t be, never understand me
I’d rather be the one they hate than the one they think is friendly
Dot zip the competition if there ever was any
Drag to the trash, ash, then I right click empty
U can’t edit this body, all these layers are locked away
Told them «system 32» is something they don’t need to operate
Systems frozen, now everybody hate me
Nothin to new to me, I’m use to it thankfully
Reboot text, yes, you can all thank me
I am the virus that got your heart racing
Once I hit you with that backspace, you ain’t comin’ back
Ctrl Alt Delete you, give me space like tab

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Delete" принадлежат её авторам.
Исполнитель: Bones

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