Текст песни: Two Birds, One Stone (Drake )

More time with family and friends, more life,
More time to get it right,
It’s only me, but I’m seein’ four shadows in the light,
My demons visit me every night.
To the most high, I’m forever indebted,
I know I gotta pay something, I know that day’s comin’,
I put it all in the music
Because if I don’t say it here, then I won’t say nothing,
Could feel my hand gettin’ tired from holding the grudges.
Two birds, one stone, my aim is amazing,
I need to start losin’ my shit on you niggas that’s hatin’,
Too reserved, like I called ahead for me and my lady.
Free C5, how the fuck we got the boss waitin’?
Ever since the blue basement, I found God and I lost patience
Between rocks and hard places of all places.
Spotted everywhere, like Dalmatian,
Cops snoop around now, ’cause all of my dogs famous,
Please, welcome the October fall baby,
Vaughan Road Academy, star player – my mind’s not all there.
Used to carry a lot of dead weight like a pallbearer,
People too scared to tell the truth, so it’s all dares.
Count it, it’s all there, and we all square,
Quick money, I’m in and out.
My dad used to use a soap bar till it’s thinnin’ out,
But, shit, look at Dennis now:
All Stacy Adams and linnen’d out!
More blessings for Sandy and him, more life,
My parents never got it right,
But God bless ’em both, I think we all alike,
We all wide awake late at night, thinkin’ on what to change
If we do get to do it twice in another life.
Scared to go to sleep now,’Cause bein’ awake is what all my dreams were like
Back when the bar that I had set for myself was out of sight,
Tell me how I went and did chin-ups
On this shit when I can’t see it.
Pin-ups of Meagan Good and Pam Grier,
Soul sisters inspired my old scriptures,
Now that feeling’s gone like them old pictures.
Mixing liquor got us both twisted, words get so vicious,
You just stare at me while you roll Swishers,
Girl, I love you, but I don’t miss ya,
And no matter what year it is, I’m a 06’er.
Go figure, cold nigga, stay in school, man,
Fuck the rap game, it’s all lies and it’s all filthy,
Two percent of us rich and the rest of these niggas all milk it.
Got two of my niggas off with a «not guilty»,
Gave back to the city and never said it if I didn’t live it,
But still they try and tell you I’m not the realest,
Like I’m some privileged kid
That never sat through a prison visit,
Or like it was just handed to me tied with a ribbon,
I never worked to get it.
But really it’s you with all the drug dealer stories,
That’s gotta stop, though.
You made a couple chops and now you think you Chapo,
If you ask me though, you ain’t linin’ the trunk with kilos,
You baggin’ weed watchin’ Pacino with all your niggas
Like, «This what we need to be on,» but you never went live,
You middle-man in this shit, boy, you was never them guys,
I can tell, ’cause I look most of you dead in your eyes,
And you’ll be tryna sell that story for the rest of your lives.
Can’t show us where the cash is,
Me, I don’t judge, I’m just goin’ off what the math is,
Numbers inflated.
They all look at me, like, «What have you done for me lately?»»
I like your older shit but wasn’t in love with the latest.»
Aw, baby, stop debatin’, I’m just a creative,
My numbers out of this world,
No wonder they got me feeling so alienated.
You were the man on the moon,
Now you just go through your phases,
Life of the angry and famous.
Rap like I know I’m the greatest,
Then give you tropical flavours,
Still never been on hiatus.
You stay xann’d and perk’d up,
So when reality set in, you don’t gotta face it,
I’m down 200 in Vegas but winnin’ life on a daily basis.
It seems like nobody wants to stay in my good graces,
I’m like a real estate agent, puttin’ you all in your places,
Look what happens soon as you talk to me crazy,
Is you crazy?

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Исполнитель: Drake

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