Текст песни: Anything’s possible (Lea Michele )

It’s time to leave it all behind
It’s time to pick up the pieces of my scattered mind.
And after all my petals fall
I can finally find beauty beneath
Once and for all.

I’ve spent way too long
Judging myself.
Running from truth
Into someone else’s
Arms but I’m done
The battle’s begun
The battle’s begun.

There’s fire in me
Deep down in my veins.
There’s clouds in my head
They’re not gonna rain.
There’s fight in my heart.
There’s hope in my eyes

There’s hope in my eyes.

I push to the limits
I climb every wall.
I keep on believing
Anything’s possible.
I run til I’m breathless.
I stand ten feet tall.
I keep on believing
Anything’s possible.

It’s time to crack the open door
It’s time to leave every teardrop on the bathroom floor.
If I’m scared,
I’ll go in scared.
Yeah, I’ve got nothing to lose, it’s only up from here.

Yeah, the night is all around me, ’round me.
But in the dark, the stars, they found me, found me.
I’m here.

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Исполнитель: Lea Michele

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