Домой Тексты песен Scientology



[Intro: Rick Ross]
Welcome to the Scientology of hip hop
Where you must sign a life long contract as well
Welcome (Maybach Music)

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
You’re so lucky to grow and age
Lucky to go insane, they say they spotted some cancer
Mucus built on your brain, but you tell me to keep on praying
Really this is a blessing, many been long and gone
Family your true possessions, admit I made some mistakes
Can’t blame it on adolescence, so infected with greed
Having something to see
I was running in circles and it was right next to me
This must have been God’s wishes
Cause all my friends went to prison
Nothing like Bryan Williams but when they come home I kiss ’em
Hold on, give me a second refreshing my recollection
Labels, we playing chess
Nothing I’m not contested, you niggas is stupid
Thinking Craig Kallman won’t send his shooters
They’ve been robbing for years, no fear to blow out your noodles
Looking at B.
G and Pac, imagining all the profits
Afeni sitting at home
Picture me rolling out and no royalties in the pocket
Who really is there to blame?
Each man feed a man, children we get a gang
Scientology prophets you better stay in your lane
Let me roll up some green

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
This game is economics, I pray you go back to college
All I’m seeing is bitches from Queens go back to Hollis
Made it without a father, my mother did I acknowledge
Know a crooked attorney, last name Sedlmayr
I’m breaching these contracts preachers and gun claps
Smoking that Mike Dean until my lungs collapse
Bun B and Action Bronson, I’m seeing no colors
If you with me you with me, I’mma ride for my brother
Honor and pride, put the salaries aside
This lead in the water, put your prayers in the sky
Respect me as a man as you looking in my eye
Lets address the [?] won’t be no problems down the line
See confederate flags but I got a flag of mine
Yeah… yeah, I got a flag of mine!
Yeah bang, we can do it then!
I got that money for Lil Wayne lets do it yeah


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