Домой Тексты песен Cross my heart

Cross my heart


Hypnotised, with just one look at you
I’m paralysed
I can’t explain why just one touch of you
Drives me insane

You’ve got me head over heels
You better believe it
Baby, and I know how it feels

Cross my heart
Hope to die
May lightning strike me if I’m telling a lie
Cross my heart
I swear it’s true
I’ve never loved anyone more than I’m loving you

Cross my heart, it’s true

Heavenly, Something happens when you’re next to me
I get chills
You can ask me anything and baby I will
You’ve got me out of control
You better believe it
Baby from my head down to my toes

You’re my valentine every month of the year
Baby really shine
I’m so happy you’re here
I want you all the time
Am I making myself clear
My love’s gonna last forever


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