Домой Тексты песен Bury



[Verse 1]
Getting my story together
So I could tell it to whoever needs to know
But some things just need severed
And some things should be left alone

I’m here to bury you
I’m here to send you on your way
Bury you
So long

[Verse 2]
How does it feel to be gone?
I been digging this grave for days
All alone, all alone
Picking out your stone

Bury you
Girl, I’m here to bury you
Send you on your way
Pick out the right stone for your grave

[Verse 3]
Black roses fall like comets
Down to you in slow emotion
All but hopeless, go unnoticed
Now you’re all alone like you left me

Isn’t it haunting?
You were the most
And now you’re nothing
But an old dream

Bury you
Bury you

As we walk amongst the limestones
Love’s built you a new house
Bury you
And the memories too


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