Домой Тексты песен Signs by the Silver Stream

Signs by the Silver Stream


You can watch my mirror and the things you'll see They can lead to happiness break or set you free
Past, present or days to come what you find I can't tell
I believe you pass the test, if you break your spell What I see is an ocean in the gathering dark
It's raging with a storm under blood red skies
A silhouette of a tall ship is coming in from the west
A city on a river with a seven-thorn hall
Then a hole in the ground black as black can be And the eye that burns like fire closing up on me
My head is growing heavy from the ring that I bear
Like a chain around my neck, help I'm falling, I'm falling down
Rest your head you little one have some faith in me
All this pain and misery I have also seen
You are wise and you are brave and oh so beautiful
Queen of the morning – relieve me from this
For my mission I am weak I feel so tired and small
If you want It then you'll have It you rise where I fall
I can still deny the temptation what would you think I'd be
A queen so cruel and beautiful this world has never seen
Can't you see its destiny, what must be must be
You just wait there will be a King, carrier of The Ring
We will diminish and fade like writing in sand ocean sweeps away
The morning rise shiny and fair, we sail to the west leave but memories


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